Monday, 17 October 2016


Finally a semester has been  over , and it’s a relaxing mode.

But now with the 2 ND semester the difficulties are  more  , I have completed 25% of mba (but don’t know marks yet), hoping that I will score average .

Experience in IFHE College, is very unexpected.  I was in a thought  that  I will be having only theoretical studies ,  but when I look the way faculty teaches , is wonderful .

Each faculty is overwrought, fair-minded, intent, which i s a best  part . I analysis that each faculty disparate in their way of teaching.

Our study Is totally case based, teachers are supposed to make each and every student to speak about the case, in this way we studied so many cases of real based companies . The best part of this case study is that it gives lot of data which makes us read more and more.
Besides this , there are more than 20 clubs in IFHE , which have minimum 20 students , these clubs  are for the college who organise various programs, events, and celebrate each and every culture .
To be a part of these club , one has to go through the process of P.I and then u will b selected by the seniors .


Also, there are many communities, like BONG, PUNJABI, MUSLIM and many others.

Weather is good and pleasant. Maximum times it rains.

Infrastructure is well maintained.  Also 1 big library and a reading room .

Food is provided by 2 companies  FINE INN FOOD , and  SODAXO  ( and fine inn food is much much better than  sodaxo ).
Apart from M.B.A many other courses are offered by  IFHE  , like- B.Tech , PhD , bba , law .

Overall  I am proud to be a student of IFHE ,  and hoping  to have a remembrance in my entire life .

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