Thursday, 11 September 2014


Starts with the acknowledging the moment I m living rite now,its 2.55 am , listening song,  green tea by my side, nothing to think new, to live  dis moment is very interesting. what if I m writing rubbish, but who cares dude, what OTHERS THINKS of me is none of my business, so I keep writing , and enjoy my stories.  By seeing at sky, I admires that one is too seeing , to whom I wana hand over myself. My both roomates  sleeping . dim lights on . what happens tomorw , feeling to think of tomorw kills . well, I supposed to be at home, bt not gone, I miss my family. When the times come again to see them. And moreover chill boy joined his job, so he got busy out there, Anjali di gone ,shweta as usual crying, naveen  bhaiya to soo rahe hai ,{the fact about naveen bhaiya is HE IS GOOD,rather he is too good, so he comes in my bestest wale brother} ,  prem bhaiya sleeping, g.d bahiya is busy in thinking fr his TRAGIC life, priya di is packing her bags to come in delhi, my bhai is busy with studies, ridima planning fr her birthday ,ayushi got his senior as her besti, sanchit is busy with his richa, rohit is busy in election ,kartikey as usual boring, nidhi is talking to her new b.f, nd many frnds story … BUT GAURI IS BUSY in writing her blog, WRITING Is something to get rid of ur ANGER , same as I do, bt rite now no anger like feeling, just  a bit to think  what happens next today  . oooo han BIGGEST Topic MY SHWETA di ,,, she got her husbhand hahahahah.. hubby she calls her.
Ab to sachi wali nini come, yawning a lot.. y all this type work like , studying , writing, feels like asleep. But on contratry talking to sexy guy or b.f  dosent make feel asleep!! Chalo my poem soon b here , till den enjoy ur life , with ur morals , happiness, adventourous, forgiveness, loveliness and so on… chlo bhi chalti rahegi yeh zindagi , jab hona ho ga 'THE END' tab yaha koi nhi hoga likhne wali . but shayad honge vo sabi padhne wale...LOVE U ALLL.. :P <3 ;)..

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