Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hard to express, bt real to say , everytime, nd maximum tym, i realize the time which i HAD ONCE SPENDED.. thinking of that time makes me laugh , cheeryfull, excited , nd  make me say dat HOW FOOL I WAS.  DELHI diaries are the moments which are unforgattable , inspiring,lovable,beautiful, a city with the delhi heights. going back home make me  realise that MUJE SAJAN K GAHR JANA HAI  lol.. well a tough timimg running with lots of adventure , nd a memory full days.. days are spend like a bird who fly when shouts at it. whole day is like remembring each moment , even studies are interesting to study .. time which has everything to say .
each wordings of music, clearing the sense of meaning, there is so much to express, bt what to express, how to express, to to feel is just not understandable.. its like ISS LAMHE KYA KAR JAUUU ?
may this time stops overe her, i dont want to go ahead rite now, fearing so much a lot , being   a girl i too had emotions to have some1, who would b mine, bt rite now i m on a stage where i could stand or fall.  because of the beautiful memories i cant sleep , i cant study , i only WASTE tym in thinking which wount give me anything ..,
I m trying hard to cope up with the situation , and learning to survive through dis..

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