Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My First Expert ..

Before starting with the writting I would share my wordings which I dedicated to my mother on mothers day -
daughter is daughter.....
Lets prove it ...
Mother =daughters happiness (rite)
So I comfort my mother with lots of lies , love , laugh, happiness, cuteneess, smile, nd many more..
I lie because I cant make my mother crying .
I love because I cant see my mother crying.
I Iaugh with her because I cant become a reason of crying.
I happy with her because I cant let her feel crying.
Because I cant see my mother crying frm inside nd outside..
Happy mothers day mother .. #see_dis_post_is_understandable_only_if_mother_understand_her_daughter_through_the_core ... otherwise duniya to likh hi rahi hai mothers day par ♥♥ All dis I HAD WRITTEN FR MY MOTHER ON MOTHERS DAY.. AND I MEAN IT..

Ahh. Mother mother mother.. a wonderfull feeing to express nd feel .. mother is everything fr al of us.. most of us are blessed with mother.
A minute spend with mother is a memorable..
Al are the part of the memories..
My bestest memory is when I use to put oil on her feet. As she is a suffer of so many kinky problems. Due to which she has a unbearable pain on her feet. Whenever at home , almost every night I use to put oil on her leg.. nd I usse to make her relax approx 1 nd a half hour.. dat time I feel wonderfull and amazing. By putting the oil nd doing maasage for more than 1 hour makes me blessed with tones of memories. Mothers are god gifted , every person is not blessed with mother . Bt those who have mother dey should kno the importance of her.
I m very naughty since born, my mother knows me very well nd teach me lessons on every step of my life.
My first nd everlasting expert will b my mother only . Nower days as I m growing older she is getting worry of my marriage , dis is a another way of showing love frm her side.
Dese days heeding at home , nd doing rest as got plasture on my leg, my mother is 1 who is taking care of me. She is praying whole day , she is making tasty food, her night spent in a worry of my pain, she is everything to me. WORDS ARE LESS TO DESCRIBE MOTHER.
Mother place cant b taken by any one . For me my mother nd father are the worlds first expert. I love dem both .
MOTHER ITSELF A WHOLISTIC WORD. I m so blessed dat I have got a mother .

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