Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ ..

khushi k pal...
one of the best  khushi k pal is when I try something new to cook ,nd my mother helps in tasting it and appreciating it…whether it is bad taste or the very bad taste bt my parents are always happy with my cooking.. I became more innocent while cooking like a  lil girl cooks fr first time.. doing innovations with my thoughtful receipies makes my time best , I love to cook, { though I don’t kno cooking } ahhhh…
there are so many khushi k pal fr me.. like being a lover of cook , I m very much foody …my mood swings frm 1 food to another..south indian is my favourate food, idli, rasam, dosa PANNER DOSA , rawa,badha,sambar, all chatniies, all these are my too favourate food.. when evr I travel with my friends ya family, I prefer south indian restraunt. To go..  IT FEELS  JANNAT to eat south indian ..its like worlds best feeling to have a south indian platter in a dinner, breakfast , lunch either in dese.
THE most nd foremost khushi k pal is when I cook nd eat.. ahahahh.. I myself laughs when I see my interest in food… apart frm everything food is something which helps me to the core.. sometimes it happen when I go stupid, crazy or mad during exams, den I forget everything nd concentrate on food.. because food fr me is very important .. I too take care of my health , by not eating on streets, junk food nd etc etc…
Going IDLI KING and order RAWA PANNER MASALA DOSA is 1 of my favourate thing ….
KELLOGS K IS my favourate breakfast , I eat 1 packet  in a week .. because I love the taste of kellogs a lot… a low fat meal, with high fiber makes my body healthy nd stronger..
I think one should adopt to eat what they love to eat .. because edespite of hectic schedule , when 1 gets its favourate food to eat , they automatically get energetic and happy by seeing the favourate receipe.. I even love GAHR Ka KAHANA.. my all happiness moments are attached  with food nd with food only.. I cann spend my whole money in eating whole day , I don’t care of fat, because I don’t really believe that doing dieting is good , by making ur favourate things to b banned,,though I take care of health while eating much .. nd do other supplementary things to avoid the health hazards.. even I love to watch MASTERCHEF INDIA because of the food they make, nd by god when the judges taste the food , it feels like I m too tasting it..
Whenever I travel I take food photos so dat I have the memories of my time with food…  FOOD FOOD FOOD….

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