Monday, 25 August 2014

I cant sleep ,.... thoughts which haunt me to sleep .. haww do bf is needed ... ????

After so so sooo soo long I needed some1 who can listen me at night, my craziness handles with smile, to whom I can say U R MINE... vo kuch kuch hota h wali feeling comes.. days r passing out in search fr that 1, who has took my sleep, took my soul, took my everything . That some1 is really a vvvv naughty making me feel naughty too?..listening a song with full mood of talk , still no 1 . Yes I m missing noddy, though I didnt loved him when I should to b loved bt old stories I remember now nd makes me sleepless .. y the night is soo unromantic without the special guy to talk ..y the night remembers me the stories of 12 class .. every 1 slept bt keen to talk, thinking wht could i had been doing if I m commited, obviously talking, lil naughty, lil shy, nd many more .. she has b.f I hv bff. She has car ..I have driver .. what writing anything . Hahaha.. 3.05 am bt still thinking to talk to some1.. bt y a boy.. y nt girl.. I kno I m crazy . No need to explain. Wondering like I would hv also boyfrnd to whom I can talk now nd could make me sleep . Pink lips song going on .. plz plz plz god help out to make me sleep, I dont want to hv him.. vse btw I hv so many secrets which none of dem hv idea. Oopes secret of Socrates. Roomate too is out of room. Chota bandar sleeping . Stars shinning, glittering . . Candy crush is playing since 1 hour. Its true every girl needs to have a boy to talk with . Same as I . Bt bt bt .. ... ahhhh .. expresion less .. thought of a guy is similar to the thought of a girl thinking at night . .. .... . Well anyways time to sleep now I really gona to sleep ... books r best to keep a relationship with.. tata.. 

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