Sunday, 31 August 2014

v.g to munirka to bird house to C.P ... experience !!!

ALWAYS been happy with him , but today when he really makes me upset , i realize that i didnt mean to him at all . I always tried my level best to pursue his interest first , in everything whther its for eating , roming , or seeing the places. but today it was diffrent .... i cant exprees my feelings when he said  '' gauri u always look to ur benefit '' when u want to eat , u eat .. when u wana go home , u go home ... i really got dishurted. sometimes  SILENCE is a good answere . though today i have fought with him, giving all the answers. but no matter for him, i just leave the seat nd sat somewhere else in bus.
"C.P "
MY experience with him was not good.  AFter the big NO FR the trip , i was concerned for him  dat  ;  ' he should not feel awkward  while meeting me '' because i kno him , if he ask me to take with him , den he means his words a lot . he really wana to take me with him .. bt some circumstances occur , nd unfourtunately i didnt gone. but that dosent matter to me. ,... cause i kno his intension was rite . bt anyway today was something dat was unusual frm previous days. i dont say he should think, that wht i did fr him or wht he did fr ME , he just see that how to take up the person interest , happiness, power, emotions everything...  and i think its beeter that i should not meet him .because i really dont want to be upset frm the fights .I kno him verry well he too do all the things which i like the MOST BT DEN also he used to say something hurting .. and seriously sometimes he is too good nd care a lot , bt sometimes OHH GOD { NO WORD TO EXPRESS }..... i dont kno wht to think fr him . well i think, i should stop thinking too much ... sometimes thinking TAKES on the wrong decisions .. 
I care a lot , but  JUST LIKE Ur way .. but I LOVE A LOT, IN MY OWN WAY ... { WORDS MATTER , NOT THE MEANING } .. 
enough for today very much tierd  .. aahhhhh !!!   lil gussa , lil unhappiness , lil sadness .. bt it dosent matter in the morning ... I WIll again the same as like charming GAURI ... <3 ... 

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