Monday, 18 August 2014


I DO GET EMOTIONAL , with the liltle things , cry on small things lekin not infront of all , i care fr my momy a lot , papa a lot , bhai a lot ? i cry in small town , breath in vast world , play in open ground ,... the emotions come when i m in a dynamic situation ...
                      chahti hu udhna  
                      pyarr karna chahti hu
                      rona chahti hu
                     dard dena chahti hu
                     sona chahti hu
                    chup rehna chahti hu
                    asman me dekhte hue khena chahtui hu ' i exist'
                    muskurakar papa ko hasana chahti hu
                    soach soach kar vo sab karna chhati hu ..
                   chahti hu udhna ...
Missing is the extreme situation where i 1 actually cry fr der loved 1s.. so that i do ..

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