Sunday, 9 November 2014


ITS TRUE IN EVERY SENSE a healthy child makes a happy home , personal experience reveals the story , whenever i get sick , my mother use to start avoiding the important things and started taking care of me,and the major thing she avoids is the FOOD which she cook normally in happy hours , she then start cooking  the food which is eat in sickness for the whole family . In every thought of mother and father they use to do prayer for me to get well soon, and when i use to get up from bed and get well , happy time returns to home , den no tensions , no worries , we then go for shopping , eatables and many more.
SMILE IS THE SOURCE OF MY thought for my parents , when i see them smiling i feels that everything is going good in there life , no tensions , no violence  nothing , but after i get some sickness they started crying , they forget to smile .. these activities of there showing seriousness for my sickness is very danger for my THOUGHT . a positive environment  takes place of dull and cryfull environment.
I am a only daughter of my parents and i have a brother who most of the times lives out of home so, basically i am the only daughter who goes home on regular intervals , by the news of my arrival my parents get excited and happy . its seems like A festival OF DIWALI is coming.
Nower days i m suffering from the cold and cough  and my parents worries of taking care and sadness is on greater heights. they time to time approaches me to talk and pray to god to get me soon back , 
whenever i am at home, dad arrives at night from his duty , he got a smile after seeing me healthy and fine, a big smile on parents makes the environment of home speechless....
REASON for becoming sick is junk food that i eat , no proper home made diet i intake , due to which sickness touches me .
i usually disrespect my mother for food , because she thinks that eating out is bad , and harmful . and in my think its delicious and tasty atleast better then the food which she prepares. but when i fall sick , i realize that my mother is right . for that time period of sickness, i choose to listen my mother for the eating routine. as soon as i get energetic and well , i start eating food form outside and again avoiding the home made food.. AND THE same process appears in a cycle of 3 months. it concludes it by resulting in lackness of IMMUNITY.
 Dabur Chyawanprash 
 who took the initiative , to write on this topic, i started in taking thhis product which helps me too the core , junk food cannot be avoidale , so in my opinion start intake of this dabour chyawanprash and start minimizing the bad eatings from outside.
children with free of tensions and a source of smiles.

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