Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bring Back the Touch..

A story of two person who ones live together as neighbours and after getting job one left another , , one in north nd one in south . both are in relationship since 2 years ago, both are engaged in relationship too deeply that , there parents were convinced to get them married soon. 2 years were wonderful for there lives , because they were living in south together  for two years , bt after getting job they were seprated and one went to north , still there long run relationship was running good , bt slowly nd gradually , their love becomes in a fighting part, irritation part, nd breakup part .. the reason was obvious they were so far frm each other that they dont get time to b close with each other, nethheir get time time to go fr a holiday , nor for  a movie, both were missing each other presence badly.
when they were living together in south , they use to roam , eating , movies nd many more with each other the part of sensing  and touching  the hands , kissing on forhead , was usual part . bt the job made there relationship hell.
telephone was the only way to there sense of talking .. now when they were apart , they realize it that how much it is important to be staying near with each otehr so as to create more love rather then hatered.
A GENTLE touch from boy makes the girl happiest , and make her feels safe .bt when they were far from each other the GENTLE touch also gets far away .NO CHEMISTRY was there , no charm of relationship.. there relationship came to an end.. BT when they meet after so long and huged each other then they got the same feeling when they were in realationship. THEY forget all there breakup, fights , hateness and everything and was lean in love. again they started living happily with each other.
MORAL- TOUCHING cant b taken in a wrong sense , hug , kiss, hands in hands can make some1 feels more special, it's not only about boyfrnds nd girlfrnds , its with us also when we touch someone ,they feel happy nd safer, a feeling of love comes { whether she is mother , father , brother , friend }..
A greatfull thanks to PARACHUTE ADVANCED BODY LOTION ...
'brother feels safer in sister arms'

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